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  1. Look again, they are the 50 yd line. http://www.redskins.com/fedexfield/stadium-seat-diagram.html
  2. Well.... I used to have season tickets, and forfeited them (when I moved cross country for a year), then came back to them again.... so I don't know how that stacks up.
  3. Sweet.... Just got my seat assignments. Sec 401 row 5. SOOOOOO Pumped!
  4. Here's the details on the Redskins Charity donations for tickets: http://www.extremeskins.com/showthread.php?304846-Selling-Your-Tickets-PLEASE-READ-THIS-FIRST!
  5. This.... and I didn't see Joe Cortez say "Time In".
  6. Just. Awesome. (assuming he ends up being fine)!
  7. Why photoshop? He has the same look on his face as in the drunk pic.
  8. I would rather play for the London Silly Nanny's than the Mother "F"ing Dallas Cowboys. HOORAH! lol:dallasuck
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