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  1. Greg Schiano! Holly ****!!! Lions fired Jim with 12 million still OWED!! LMFAo that dwarfs the Redskins money.
  2. I understand, because it's the main concept behind the Viking's logo of a white viking warrior on the side of their helmets. I honestly don't see the big deal, and believe these small groups of native American are reaching on this subject. I think if they win their should be a trickle down effect. The Chiefs, Viking, Patriots, Buccaneers, 49ers, and Cowboys should all have their names changed. Many small groups of white ethnicity could say "I feel like these teams are representing us in a derogatory way." I strongly feel the past history of how the Native American was treated, and our organi
  3. I agree mainly for this point. If anything the Redskins should just take the native american face off the helmets, and replace it with feathers.
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