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  1. HailToTheRedskins14

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    Jones and Smth are FAST. Hopefully we can contain them. I have full confidence in Madeiu Willi....oh we're screwed. ---------- Post added December-4th-2012 at 10:06 AM ---------- Paaaaaaaaalooooffffffssssssssa
  2. HailToTheRedskins14

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    I was more worried about tonight than the Baltimore game. It's not a walk in the park, but I'm not sold on them.
  3. As for Tyrese, not giving spoilers but comic book fans were excited about him or what he adds to the story. Obviously his group is interesting. I expect Rick to go all badass on them when he gets back. "GET OUTTA HERE!!" He doesn't take chances like that anymore. Tyrese, to me, seems like what Rick used to be. Can you imagine Rick letting his group be locked up in a prison by some other group right now? Michonne got a little cooler in this episode. She had her most badass moment. LOL Governor sniffling in the corner after he got his ass kicked. What a creepy punk. Anyone wanna explain the heads in the fish tanks? I figured we'd get an explanation but is it just "Governor is crazy" or is there something else? I didn't hear what his excuse to Andrea was.
  4. Kinda disappointing finale to me. But still good, just not as good as I expected. Only got a month to wait, so not too bad. Anybody know when Breaking Bad starts back?
  5. I'm liking this season a lot better than Season 2. Glad I stuck with it through that craptastic season (IMO of course). I blame the setting, I hated that farm. Every episode I was like "LEAVE THE FARM GUYS FOR REAL!". Anyway, I'm wondering if we'll see the whole zombie camo thing become a common thing. Realistically, if people discovered that they would definitely be using it. Carol's return was no surprise, but I liked the scene with Darryl preparing himself to kill her. Unintentionally funniest line in the series goes to the Governor. Andre - "Is everything okay?". Nude governor looks at Andrea wrapped up in his sheets - "HELL YEAH!". I told my girlfriend, "He just said what every guy thinks in that situation." He was PUMPED at getting some action! So we got a lot of questions and conflicts. Darryl vs. Merle. Andrea will most likely not be told about Glenn and Maggie, but obviously she will find out somehow. So when the prison crew comes by, whose side will she take? Prisoners left her for dead and she's shacking up with Mr. HELL YEAH so I could see her taking his side. Rick seems focused again and you don't mess with his friends, so he's gonna wreak havoc. and LOL at some of those pictures a couple pages ago. Loved the "Karl....we lost T Dog!" one. And the bike one! We got 2 episodes left until the mid-season break, so I'm thinking crap is gonna be getting serious.
  6. I have some problems. 1. Whatever happened to the person who was watching Carol while she was practicing sewing up the female zombie two episodes ago? 2. How come T Dog didn't turn into a zombie? He got killed by the other zombies but the crew only walked by him. We never saw him get a bullet. 3. The whole time lapse with Lori being eaten completely. They say that the directors put dark hair around the zombie to show that we were supposed to notice this. These are random occurrences that I have problems with. Walking Dead is cool, but this is why Breaking Bad is better. Can anyone answer my first two questions? Do we assume that they killed T Dog later?
  7. I'm just guessing, but it has to be some type of government something-or-other calling the jail, right? I haven't read the comics so I have no idea. It has to be like the military or something. It's a pretty sweet twist. Didn't like how it happened, he just happened to go nuts and kill a bunch of zombies and end up in the basement and boom, they call. But whatever. How bout Darryl's outfit, rocking the Clint Eastwood? Come on man!
  8. Random thought, when T-Dog died....why didn't he turn into a zombie? Rick and the group found him but they didn't shoot him or anything. His corpse was just sitting there and they just looked at him.
  9. Saw someone else say this on another forum. That inmate that Carl left to die, he had perhaps the biggest **** you moment ever. Totally screwed over everyone!
  10. Carol is missing. That episode was probably the craziest. I was still expecting that baby to be a gosh dern zombie! I told my girlfriend "Thank god that baby wasn't a zombie! I would be mind = blown right now if it was." Man, I guess they kill one black guy but substitute another? Is his name gonna be D-Money or something? Next week's episode looked good, too.
  11. Personally I thought Argo was average at best. Predictable and it felt forced how they tried to make you care for certain characters here and there. Worth a watch I guess, but disappointing since it was the first new movie I've seen in about 6 months. Right now I'm looking forward to Flight with Denzel, and I need to go see that new movie with Tom Cruise and Hallie Berry.
  12. HailToTheRedskins14

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    cough whatcha got
  13. HailToTheRedskins14

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    I have principals, I'm not paying 20 bucks for preseason football.