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The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The BEAL & BRODIE ERA

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What are the GM options?

I'd like Kevin Pritchard. He did a good job stock piling talent in Portland. His drafting is excellent and he knows how to work with an owner who has big pockets.

so how many people are up for the spurs game and where do you all want to eat/sit before/during the game

400's during the game and before the game, I really don't care. Green Turtle?

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EDIT: Yes, it will happen. Guarantee it.

How so?

How so? lol

Dude from 2000-2009

Our picks resulted in nearly absolute zero


2004: devin Harris trade

2007: nick young

Outside of these our picks have equaled jack ****

Peter John Ramos?


Jarvis Hayes?


Passing over Dejuan Blair

Juan Dixon?

Jared Jeffries?

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These were Ernie's picks:

2003: Jarvis Hayes, Steve Blake.

2004: Devin Harris (traded for Jamison), Peter Party John Ramos

2005: Andray Blatche

2006: Oleksiy Pecherov, Vladmir Veeremenko

2007: Nick Young, Dominic McGuire

2008: Javale McGee, Bill Walker (traded for cash considerations)

2009: Traded pick #5 for Mike Miller, Randy Foye, Jermaine Taylor (traded for cash considerations)

2010: John Wall, Kevin Seraphin, Trevor Booker,

Well going by the years:

2003: Hayes ended up as a bust due to injuries/med staff issues. Blake was decent and left for more money/playing time.

2004: I don't mind the Devin Harris trade. Getting Jamison helped us get to the playoffs and be a winning team. Party John had all the skills/talent but he was dumber than McGee.

2005: Blatche. Well we all hate him now but he was not bad value for pick #47.

2006: A huge stinker of a draft. Passed on a LOT of good talent like Paul Milsap and Rajon Rondo.

2007: Young has finally panned out. McGuire is on the Bobcats.

2008: McGee has been decent. He's progressed nicely and is not nearly as raw as he was when he came in the league.

2009: By far the biggest fail of Grunfeld's career. Horrible trade that was masked by Gilbert's problems and the teams eventual blow up. Most GM's would get fired for a trade as bad as #5 pick for one year rentals in Foye and Miller.

2010: I give him no credit for Wall. Too early to tell on Seraphin and Booker.

My take on Ernie is just MEH. He has too many stinkers for my liking. His best teams peaked at something really average. He handled last years fiasco in the worst possible way. He sold out his star player and saved face by blaming everything on him.

Things have gotten stale with his vision and it's time to bring in a new philosophy. Hire Kevin Pritchard.

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Wow I completely forgot about trading away that #5 pick in 2009 for Foye, Miller, and Jermaine Taylor. What the flying jambalaya was that about? Retrospect is 20/20 but still....what exactly did he think was going to amount from that?

Darren Collison, Stephen Curry, Brandon Jennings, James Johnson...a lot of young talented players we could've gotten. And what the hell was that pick of Jermaine Taylor about? I remember sitting there screaming for them to pick DeJuan Blair.

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we're getting dominated by Jason ****ing Smith :ols:

I never understood why no one said anything about that 2009 trade. I remember being pissed about it immediately.

i think alot of people overlook it because we got lucky in getting Wall.

luck should never be apart of a building strategy though.

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luck should never be apart of a building strategy though.

Curious which teams are built without luck? You can't win championships in the NBA without luck. Some franchises can attract the best free agents, ours can't.

As a wizards fan, we need luck first.

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I never understood why no one said anything about that 2009 trade. I remember being pissed about it immediately.

3 words.


Don't forget our history as a franchise.

That trade was on the owner, not the GM.

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i realize luck plays a huge role in turning a franchise around, i just don't a gm depending on luck as a strategy

Unfortunately that is the way to play in the NBA, give me one team who was built by a great GM that didn't have anything to build around.

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I think Ernies biggest **** ups are:

a) Resigning Gilbert to a huge deal after he blew out his knee. BUT I think that was as much on Abe as anyone. If Abe was anything he was loyal. Hence all the years and chances he gave Wes. I think Abe told Ernie to do whatever it took to keep Gilbert.

B) Resigning Blatche - Can't really blame him for that. I might've been the one person in the world who knew Blatche was a ****ing loser and hated that contract. EVERYONE was talking about what great value that was.

c) The 2009 draft trade - Again, I think that was on Abe too. I think Abe was absolutely determined to win with the group we had. He was old, he loved Gilbert and Co and a rookie wasn't going to put us over the hump. So we went out and got two vets who the coach already knew

Other things, like passing on Blair just to sell the pick, I think that's another ownership thing. GM's aren't getting any of that cash. As far as missed draft picks go, everyone ****s up. The NBA draft is tough. What has always impressed me about Ernie is his ability to find keepers in the mid/late first and into the second. I'd put his record there in that area of the draft up against almost any GM in the league.

I'm probably alone in this but I'd like to see a few years of Ernie working with Ted.

Flip's gotta go though.

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BTW, I just got out of class. What game is the channel on? It's listed on my guide on Comcast but when I go there I just have a huge DirecTV logo and some ****ty music.

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Oh and I still think Jarvis could've been a player in this league (15 ppg at least) if not for his knees. I had a sig bet with a bunch of people about him doing that one year. Obviously he didn't. I don't remember who or what happened with that.

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Jarvis wasn't bad before he blew his knees out. I think at some stretch in his rookie year he averaged a nice stat line of like 15 PPG etc.

He was another one of the guys who fell victim to the infamous medical staff. I think they did an incorrect procedure on his knees. He never recovered. He finished his career as Arvis Hayes. I used to him so much when he played for us. He lost touch on his jump shot but Eddie Jordan would always play him at PF for some stupid ass reason. He had the best looking jumper for a guy who couldn't shoot into the ocean.

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This is what I'm afraid will happen if/when the Wizards become good. I'd rather have a small fan base of knowledgeable fans than have potentially more people watching this team, driving up the total of # of idiots who come in here posting as if they knew what they are talking about.

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