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  1. Interesting, guess that's where some major printing stuff is from.
  2. Just curious, does it say where the tickets come from? Always wondered that.
  3. Well damn! Hopefully I'll get mine soon. Christmas in July / August.
  4. Happy to hear the tickets are being shipped out. I've gotten nothing yet, but was told the first week of August. Maybe it goes LL to UL?
  5. Mine was updated a couple days ago (forgot to mention it). I think it took like two weeks or so. So keep that in mind for around the time you get your letter in the mail.
  6. Well if you want to you better call up now. I would think you might be a little too late, but you never know.
  7. Yeah I've done that as well, still shows the down payment for the four seats and then the full payment for season tickets. I know where I'm sitting thanks to the letter I went sent, but just found it weird I have nothing online still.
  8. We've been debating dragging one of those porta potties closer to our end of the lot being there aren't any, but with the cameras and stuff we haven't tested it. We always had some dude sent over to us for not parking in the back of the lot. Said if the tent wasn't up, we could stay where we were, but because there was a tent we had to move. Thankfully he was cool and let us stay there the whole season because he knew we cleaned up before anyone parked over there. This year we'll park in the back. I'm sure I've seen your truck before, there's only like 20 of us I'd say in that lot during the
  9. Ahhh you are in the front, we park towards the back of the lot. We don't get there right when the lot opens, but close enough (unless it's a night game, then we're there when they open). You might have seen us, white Ford Excursion.
  10. Nice, another B lot tailgater, woot.
  11. The letter sent to me about my season tickets says:
  12. Well, not to be an ass, but you did tell them to move you to 451 didn't you? Couldn't you have told them no, that's too high up? Technically you don't move every season either, so I would say you got lucky. Either way, you definitely should have moved a little closer or I would think, being one for 6 years, but I'm a new season ticket holder so I'm not too sure how fast people move. I would assume the changes in the endzone help screw your moving closer to the 50 faster. Granted you aren't Row 16, but 4 more rows isn't going to be killer, as if you were say Row 10 and move to Row 20. At least
  13. Yeah TDS, very nice seats, I was hoping to get closer to the 50 being I paid immediately, but guess they weren't having any of it haha. I'm just happy to be in the stadium though and to finally have mine!
  14. I was hoping he would have answered by now. Still confused as to what he meant? I'm guessing (due to the money reference) he didn't want to move lower, just move closer to the 50, but I believe my friend said you can choose move closer to the 50 within the same row? Who knows.
  15. I'm confused? Where are you sitting at? Do you not have 'move me closer to the 50' checked in the upgrades?
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