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Cool Names for a Band


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Good evening. Just lookin for some of that spectacular feedback one can always find at ES. :pfft: Me and my friends have finally gotten around to playing music with each other, and we really like playing with each other. As of right now, we're still just at the get together and jam stage, but one of the hardest things is coming up with a band name.

We're more of a classic rock type, so it can't be something like The Decapitators or something like that. We're just looking for something simple that represents the stuff we like to play.

So, I'm all ears. We're desperate.

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danny diarehia and the sh*t kickers, the mud sharks, browned eyed pogo snake, big dick and the extenders, untie my sister, mary go round

I really should give you the automatic week off for the profanity filter violation (#6) just cuz it would just be so cool. :D

And on top of that, you enormous igwad, you actually use the very example in the rule of what NOT to do :chair::ols:

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