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Well, it's come to this folks. We nominated 100, we narrowed it down to the Elite Six and now we will decide what is, according to ES, the best cartoon ever. In this round, you only vote for one and the places will go according to # of votes. Thanks to everyone who voted, followed directions and didn't complain about a cartoon that they themselves didn't nominate. :silly:

Happy voting and good luck to your favorites.

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And I should've said animated series because yeah the Simpsons is more of a sitcom but whatever.

I have so much more sympathy for you after doing the musical thing lol. Mind you, many of my complainers are right also, but if they weren't nominated I didn't include them.

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South Park, at least they have great humor.

^ This....Looney Tunes is great if your into nostalgia but not for watching something tonight. The only two that bar watching today, tomorrow, and the next day are this and the Simpsons.

Sure Bugs was cool once but other then that one episode where he's the princess and Elmers his prince and they sing that song "Kill the Rabbit" none of his cartoons are watchable to me.

Road Runner and Willie E Coyote? hahaha, completely unwatchable.

Tazz? Bleach

Foghorn Leghorn? Please be serious

The only cartoon on the Looney Tunes menu that I can watch today that brings a reaction out of me is Pepe La Pew. That's awesome. But South Park awesome? No never.

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