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Michael Phelps...weed?

Spaceman Spiff

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I don't necessarily thing that is Phelps, but...

The dude is definitely a pothead. As a one time pothead, I can spot such things much easier than most non-potheads. He talks like a pothead, sounds like a pothead, looks like a pothead. Plus, he listens to Lil' Wayne. Only white guys I know that can take Lil Wayne smoke LOTS of weed.

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I could care less if he smokes weed. Anyone that's looked into it can see that it's illegal status is absurd. I talk to a guy at work all the time that worked with drug abusers while a police officer. He knows every statistic and has seen the reality first hand. He laughs and shakes his head at the fact that weed is illegal. He is very much against pretty much every other drug though.

I agree with your friends point. Every other drug should be illegal except for weed. It doesn't make any sense to me that its still illegal and people are being imprisoned for it. We just saw the Government print more money to get ourselves out of the massive debt we have instead of seriously considering legalizing this and controlling it. The Government could tax it and get it away from the criminals hands and create jobs producing, selling, distributing, and marketing it. Instead we've decided it makes more sense for us to just print more money to solve our problems and keep this in the hands of the criminals :doh:

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hahahaha well made point. I'd say Ahhh-nold has had a pretty good personal and professional life despite his former marajuana use.
Or Snoop Dogg (at a concert, he came on stage smoking pot :laugh: ).
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That looks nothing like him IMO.
that is not michael phelps.
That picture is not even close to looking like Phelps.
I don't think it's him.
That guy's too fat to be Phelps.
Yeah I think this is BS.

You people need to get your eyes checked. Not only does the picture look exactly like him, but I was in Columbia while he was visiting and can vouch that he partied like a rock star the ENTIRE TIME.

One night, he rented out a bar called "The Village Idiot" and by 2am was blackout drunk and doing karaoke on the bar. One of my female friends who is smoking hot starting videotaping this with her camera phone, only to have Phelps' bodyguard forcibly grab it away from her and erase the video. The best part is that Phelps banged her later that night.

From my limited interaction with him, Phelps is a stand up dude. A little arrogant, but I would be too after winning 8 Gold Medals. One of my best friends grew up with him in B'more and they used to smoke weed and drink beers together all the time in high school. At heart, he is your typical American 23 yr. old male.

Its hilarious how everyone gets their panties up in a bunch when their "Olympic Hero" admits to smoking weed. This proves beyond any doubt that you can smoke marijuana and compete at the highest levels of sport.

Michael Phelps FTW!


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