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  1. Im watching the Red Zone channel. My wife calls it the A.D.H.D. channel.
  2. Seeing how SD is making KC looking like a junior college team, and how we made KC look like reigning Super Bowl Champions, I think that about sums it up on the state of our franchise.
  3. Why Communism is Cool 1. You get to call everyone "Comrade" 2. All people are equal, but some people are more equal than others 3. As the West are so paranoid about Communism spreading and Communist countries are paranoid about the west invading and restoring le ancien regime, a delightful situation is created where there is a high demand for spys and cambridge graduates like me are able to find gainful employment 4. Communism makes Cuba the delightful island paradise it is with cigars, rum, great music (see the documentary Buena Vista Social Club), and the delighfully decadent author Pab
  4. Are you sure about that? They don't really look the same
  5. The helmet looks too XFL, and the huge feather on the side looks too gimmicky. What's wrong with what we're wearing now? Unless Snyder is looking for a money grab by changing the uniforms, which I wouldn't put past him.
  6. Oh yea, the hideous black jerseys that the Lions wear from time to time....some teams are identified with certain colors....black is not the Lions color.
  7. I think the 70th anniversary jerseys are true burgundy color. The 1970's George Allen jerseys were more red, IMO. These are a little more darker, but not a true burgundy.
  8. I don't like the white on white. I would rather wear dark jerseys at home.
  9. I'd rather get syphillis than be a Dallas fan. **** Dallas.
  10. I love it when people bring facts and visual evidence to an argument. This is a slam dunk. We didn't steal from Florida State. Florida State stole from US!
  11. it would have been better if they wore red jerseys like they wore at home back then. It then would have been truly a throwback. The white jerseys are a Joe Gibbs thing. Personally, I think we should play a full year with the Redskin helmet that they wore during the 1982 season with the feather tucked in. Not sure the significance of that at the time but it did bring us luck.
  12. Amen to that..... Those punk ass sons of ****es no good mutha ****as.
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