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Springs OUT today


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Springs doesn't want to take a paycut in the offseason although his appearance is always sparse n the regular season. I saw draft a young corner or pick up a cheap but serviceable one in the offseason, and let Springs go. This guy is always out with some bs injury

Sparse? The only significant time he's missed since becoming a Skins is in 2006. He's played the majority of snaps in all other years.

As for drafting a young corner, we did this year. Problem is, unless a rookie looks like an all pro immediately, the fanbase calls him a bum and doesn't want him in there.

To be honest, he probably could afford to miss the next couple of games. The guys we have probably can handle the Browns and the Lions.


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He's such a pu**y. Great player, but will not play through any pain. And yet, he's still our best corner. We need to draft a corner early AND get a free agent corner this offseason because Smoot stinks and he is always nicked up too.

This last offseason was all offense, this upcoming one needs to be all defense, with the exception of addressing offensive lline depth.

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I don't know about that, yeah Davis isn't doing anything YET, but he and Cooley down the line could be something special. A good to potentially great TE doesn't come along often.

While something that might turn out to be something further down the line hopefully might work out if if if...We have real needs right now that greatly affect games, and we KNEW we would have this need. Possible potential does not affect games, and never has.

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