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  1. I am excited as can be. I love football season. HTTR!!!
  2. **** the Cowboys! I love this thread!
  3. **** Dallas!!!! Dallas week is awesome
  4. **** Dallas! I cannot ****ing stand how many of their ****ing stupid fairweather fans come out of the woodwork once they start winning. I had a guy today give me **** about how we were going to lose this weekend. He was never a Dallas fan until literally a few weeks ago. ****ing retards. **** Dallas, the whole ****ing city, team, fans, and airport.
  5. **** Dallas!!! Your team was exposed! You know every defensive coordinator is going to have a field day watching the footage from this game.
  6. because we don't pick our team, you worthless bandwagoner ****! We are born fans. HAIL! **** DALLAS AND THEIR ****ING BANDWAGON, RETARDED FANS!!!!
  7. I just saw a car driven by a Pukes fan run a stop sign and get a ticket in front of my house, so I just thought I would say... **** THE COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. You know, I posted earlier, but didn't work to convey my hatred as well as I should have. After reading some fresh JJ and company idiocy I feel it is time to fix that. **** the Cowboys! **** the team, their stupid (honestly, literally ****ing unintelligent) fans, the giant steaming pile of **** that is Dallas (and all tainted surrounding areas), **** anything having to do with this team whatsoever down to the slightest atom. I am sick of reading all of the Dallas fans arrogant, uninformed, ultra homerific posts. They honestly are not even worth reading. I could ****ing fart at my keyboard an
  9. You know, I hate the Pukes too, but I sure would not want to **** them. After all of the crackheads they have had play for them, who knows what diseases they have picked up?
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