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  1. A perfect marriage between San Fran and Chip. The 49ers have a GM that Chip trusts and has worked with -- Chip won't be picking and cutting players. He'll be a coach, doing what he does best. He has the QB who is a near-ideal fit, who can be better than Vick was in that 2013 offense. A QB who can run, withstand punishment, and can throw deep. Chip's system makes it easy on a QB with simple reads. Perfect for Kaepernick. And ingredients in place for a good defense. They won't be investing resources in a tear-down -- this could be a pretty quick turnaround. Could be the differenc
  2. Wow, somehow, I just came across this thread. And likewise, I haven't gone over the 83 pages of pictures entirely yet. So I apologize in advance if any of the following are repeats:
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