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  1. **** the Pukes, and **** whoever picks up TO. No wait, they're already ****ed.
  2. Last I remember, he was recovering from a kidney tumor.EDIT: Oh yeah, **** Dallas.
  3. I think I already posted in this thread, but just in case, **** the cowboys. And I would like to add, **** the cowboys.
  4. I say we change uniforms at halftime like Britney Spears. Now THAT will confuse the opposition. We could change player names/numbers too. Keep 'em guessing.
  5. I KNEW this was one of those threads. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  6. Who knows. We only have a player or two who was here during the dark days of Spurrier. The team itself probably carries little association of anything with him. Gibbs seemed to let the players have a lot of say in those things. If Zorn follows suit, we might see it make a comeback if it strikes the players as cool. It harkens back all the way to the Sonny days for some of us.
  7. I would give him a small tear, like a prison tat, with a teeny 21 inside it.
  8. Yes, someone start one. Make it a little more macho please. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  9. I like these throwback toofless helmets. Play football like real men. This thread is getting way too "metrosensual".
  10. I kind of like the mustard pants. They are growing on me a little anyway. Maybe a little more "mus" and a little less "turd" though.
  11. Good summary of this thread. I second that!
  12. If Michael Vick kicked my door in, electrocuted my dog, gave my gf herpes, and truck-jacked my pickup i would STILL cheer for the Falcons over the pukes. Even if it was only preseason. And I don't like the Falcons. EDIT: **** the Cowpukes
  13. I remember that year well. Those 2 wins saved Norv's job and my sanity.
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