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  1. Haven't posted in a while, but i felt like i had to for this bump. The original "paloffs is now" was closed and locked, so I started this thread to fire up ES towards the end of the 2007 season. Worked like a charm. Those of us who were around then remember how fun and excited this place was when we started our late season comeback and proved the doubters wrong. Paloffs forever.....
  2. haha i agree that the odds are that Colt won't be a starter in this league.... but you never know now that he has a legit QB to learn under. plus it's all in good fun.
  3. man, i love reading this stuff. cant wait for sunday.
  4. hey guys. this is the first week it's not on tv and i cant go to the sports bar. do people usually find feeds to watch the game?
  5. "i cant believe there's still 100 people watching"
  6. haha... thats what happens when you play as the US
  7. this is devastating... any other video links?
  8. man... 93 pages. this has been funny, but i think we need a new "drunk pic"
  9. agreed.... i definitely wouldnt mind never seeing them again because every time i do i think of that giants game... heartbreaking
  10. man... 85X merges and 2761 posts.... this is getting a BIT ridiculous
  11. relax.... i dont know how we would change it. i wouldnt be opposed to wearing the burgundy a little more often though.
  12. who would have guessed it?.... no one other than the true skins fans that bleed B&G. when its all said and done, we begin our run to he SUPER BOWL today, yeah i said it: SUPER BOWL. this thread has gone 4-0.... about to be 5-0
  13. the time is now.... everything is in our hands. thanks to all the truly loyal fans in here that never lost faith in our team. Hail to the REDSKINS!
  14. that weak eagles team beat us and a cowboys squad that we lost to. you think their defense can beat our offense and the boys offense, and not handle the saints?
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