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**** Dallas!!!

Your team was exposed! You know every defensive coordinator is going to have a field day watching the footage from this game.

It wasn't really scheme as much as it was Tony Romo playing like a ****ing ***** ****. **** romo, he's a **** ****

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Yeah really.

**** the dallas ****ing cowboys. But more importantly, **** the buffalo bills. Buncha chokin' freakin' losers.

:laugh: :laugh: freakin' losers...

those ****ers sure knew how to choke...**** that bull****, more importantly **** that Bill****. I ****ing hate buffalo

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Oh how I forgot about this thread.....

Yes....**** THE COWBOYS

**** Toni Homo

And **** the Bills for ****ing it all up

And oh yeah....**** Patrick Crayton for catching that TD pass which made it possible for Dallas to win and also lost me the game in one of my fantasy leagues!

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You guys don't hate Dallas like I do! I hate the whole friggin city, Katrina hit the wrong dam!!! "F" the "Stars", "Mavericks", and all the other sports teams. I'm glad J.R. got shot, I was hoping it was a Washingtonian native that did it! Dallas women are good for one thing.. *no need to say what men*

If this guy gets banned for this thread, I'd be really disappointed!!!


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**** DALLAS. That is the biggest bull**** of a game I have ever seen and of course the ****ing cowboys win that game. Tony Romo is now nicknamed Tony Grossman after that performance. My hate for Dallas has gone up a couple notches after that bull****. **** DALLAS IM OUT!!

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