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  1. Yeah really. **** the dallas ****ing cowboys. But more importantly, **** the buffalo bills. Buncha chokin' freakin' losers.
  2. **** the ****ing cowboys! go bears! may devin hester run back every single punt for a touchdown! (wow, the profanity filter doesn't filter the b word plural?)
  3. Gross, nasty, day outside. Reminds me to come by and say **** THE COWBOYS!
  4. :laugh::laugh: Love that this thread has been README'd.
  5. I like black on black unis (Saints, Falcons) but it isn't one of our primary colors, so nah. I like our unis now.
  6. Yeah, the black shoes gotta go. But overall, I like the white on burgundy and the flashiness
  7. I bookmarked this thread. Some real good quotes in here.
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