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  1. So I ordered the fight and in the middle of watching the prefight show it goes blank and tell me event can no longer be purchased. I call verizon and they said there is nothing they can do about this. What the **** is anybody else having an issue... You have to order the fight before 8pm on verizon and I did that but after that it went blank and tells me its no longer allowed to be purchased.... What in the world???
  2. I know coors light was coming out with the fridge keg but I havent seen anything from miller lite. **** looks awesome and it lasts 30 days.
  3. I was craving a guiness and grabbed a duece from the store. Got home and realized it was the extra stout. Definitely not as good as the regular guiness IMO.... My craving has gone unfulfilled damn it....
  4. What month is it??? Oh yea its December, watch out Dallas there is a big brick wall and you guys have been running into it in December since 1996 LOL.
  5. Is there a place online you can see it for free??
  6. So I am sitting here trying to decide if I want to pay 60 bucks to watch this fight. Is it worth it?????
  7. I never really tried Newcastle but I picked up a six pack the other week and it was delicious. Had myself another 6 pack last night, and just 6 of those things and you are feeling goooood.
  8. Sweet and its double confirmed on the pre game show, they just said they were going to talk about a new uniform look we have not seen before when they come back from commercial break. Fully confirmed on the pre-game show they will go Burgundy on Burgundy tonight. Sick! Also they said Moss will give it a go tonight and play.
  9. Damn man sad picture... Gibbs talkin to the one and only Sean Taylor.....
  10. Anyone with good photoshop skills tryin to throw a burgundy jersey on Portis real quick. I think its gonna look sick. Monday night under the lights.
  11. Thats good enough for me. I have been waiting for them to rock the Burgundy on Burgundys tonight. It think they will look sick.
  12. With this being Dallas week and all I feel I should share my thoughts. **** dallASS!!!!!!!!!!!! **** em **** em **** em **** em.... Just **** em.
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