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  1. Arsenal has RVP, and he's my fave, but I've always been into Everton, even before they got Tim Howard. Everton has a great history, and at least have a shot to play Europa football every year.
  2. I'll probably end up giving one of the Leinenkugels a shot, if i can find it. Yuengling's a good fall back, but I'd like to try something I haven't had before. We'll see how it goes. thanks guys/gals
  3. bumping for playoff hockey related inquiry... I'm looking for a suggestion of a legit beer to work with during the Caps game tomorrow. It's byob at my buddy's place so if I'm getting a sixer, I figure I should get something good, especially for the playoffs . Anybody have an idea of a good drinking beer that'd work in this situation?
  4. I can't believe he went into the crowd specifically celebrate with Carl Edwards
  5. still going on, but Cena wouldn't be in this match unless they were giving him the title. I don't know how a guy like that continues to get title runs. I guess he's all they have in terms of personality, but geez.
  6. Triple threat matches always suck, and handing the title to John Cena is weak.
  7. I realize the image was photoshopped, but our pants aren't the same color as our jersey's despite the fact that we call them both "burgundy"(hence the quotes). They're different shades, (in real life) at least to my eye. They don't match is all I was really trying to get at. i think it's a bad combo; it's ugly. Just my opinion.
  8. The two "burgundy's" don't even match, they're distinctly seperate colors almost. This is going to look absolutely gross. This will be pretty embarrassing to go out looking like that on National TV. Not a good idea. I like white with burgundy pants...keep it old school.
  9. those would look horrible...the pants aren't nearly as dark as they used to be, they're almost bright burgundy and the jersey's are really dark...it would just be bad.
  10. He's come a long way from being Christian's "personal protector" or whatever the hell he was doing in the WWE :laugh:
  11. **** the Cowboys... Jerry Jones is paying his ****ing Offensive Coordinator more than his ****ing head coach...what a ****. Jason Garrett ****ing owns Jerry's ass
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