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  1. Thanks for answering! It isn't overheating at all. And playing around with the cap today, when it is on tight, nothing comes out, but when the heat is on high and the cap is off, the coolant pours out of the opening. This is after driving it around for 10 minutes or so. I was hoping it may be a quick and easy fix, but it sounds like I may have to break down and take it in sometime soon....the weather isn't getting any warmer!
  2. Bumpy, bumpy! Good morning mechanical folks! Hopefully all the smart brains here on ES can help me figure something out. 2008 Lincoln Continental with a coolant leak. Best I can tell, it is actually coming out at the reservoir cap. This is the leak I can clearly see....there may be another. When I am driving, the heat blows nice and hot. When stopped...no heat. Any ideas on what is going on?
  3. Please post in this thread if you would like to see a mobile site for Extremeskins. Not that we will definitely get one, but I figure the more support it gets, the better! http://www.extremeskins.com/showthread.php?t=320578 (Hey, not many folks visit Feedback and Tech Support and I don't wanna start a new thread in the Tailgate )
  4. EGO WAFFLES?? Where can I find these at. Sometimes when I am having a bad day, it could be just the thing I need!! Eggos on the other hand, can only really make for a fair day.
  5. It really does help if you start drinking a little younger I would say. You get over the nastiness of a beer when you are drinking Beast from the keg in the basement of a frat house trying to get laid. Then you have a real beer and notice the difference and how good beer can be really tasty! I can't say I have become a beer snob yet, but when I drink beer, I definitely go for something a touch more expensive these days. Of course tonight, I am having a craving for Bud Light Lime for some reason. Since I can't go out and drink green beer, I am tempted.
  6. Oh how I forgot about this thread..... Yes....**** THE COWBOYS **** Toni Homo And **** the Bills for ****ing it all up And oh yeah....**** Patrick Crayton for catching that TD pass which made it possible for Dallas to win and also lost me the game in one of my fantasy leagues!
  7. Thank God this thread was stickied and I saw it. I had the misfortune of turning on the Colts/Pukes game tonight in the 4th quarter and it seemed the WHOLE ****ING TIME that the good ol Fox guys were swinging off Romo's and Jerrah's sack. I really almost vomited. I mean physical illness. :puke: So...to make me feel better..... **** THE COWBOYS!
  8. I thought this was funny...havent seen it in a post yet....
  9. I ate breakfast this morning....Hardees 2 for 2.22 biscuits....mmmmmm! :drool:
  10. I don't really think it is a niche. It is about trying to expand to possibly new viewers and most importantly, the merchandise...where the real money is made!! (subtle movie reference)
  11. Probably this....just a way to try and make more money....a potentially smart way though.
  12. This just reminded me of this place....had to post it somewhere!!
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