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  1. Zorn was used to the all-green in Seattle. This must be his input. Been curious to see what this would look like for a long time now.
  2. Never liked the tucked feather. I'd like to see Burgundy head to toe just once.
  3. Wow, respect... but **** the cowboys
  4. QUESTION: 94 Subaru Impreza, manual transmission. When I turn the fan on, it makes sort of a chugging wheezing sound like someone having trouble breathing. Not very loud, but noticeable and you can feel the engine struggle just a bit every time it "exhales." This is only when its idling. Once placed in gear and moving, it subsides until it goes away completely at highway speeds. If I idle long enough, it sometimes stalls. Does it with AC, heat, or just the fan. No symptoms of engine trouble at all when the fan is off. No check lights on. Started doing it right after my last oil chang
  5. If you have a hotel with an infinite number of rooms, it is possible for every room to be occupied and for there to always be a vacancy at the same time.
  6. **** the mother****ing ****hole ***** **** ****ass **** eating cow****er ****boys!
  7. **** Dallas. Really enjoy seeing that sig ^
  8. The "Women think about sex 34 times a day thread"
  9. Nothing like seeing a hated rival fall, but I'll avoid kicking them while they're down. In a month or two when the trolls resurface, THEN I'll give them the business.
  10. Heck, I say throwbacks for the rest of the season. The jerseys and helmets with the spears. Always like those. What's the worst that could happen?
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