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  1. R.MOSS is gonna FRY the Cowboys tommorow. I predict 6 Catches, 210 yards. Thank god he's on my fantasy team. :notworthy
  2. This promo was shown on Raw yesterday... This came out today... Break the Walls Dooown :notworthy ....
  3. I'll let you guys get excited, but I don't think this is a good move for the long-term success of the WWE. But I can't lie that I wouldn't mark out for a few good ol' fashion Rock promos.
  4. Those Cavs Throwbacks are beautiful :applause: . In fact I have this one: Only it's LeBron.
  5. Yeah I know. The actual throwback is white. (Exactly like the pic before Portis)
  6. Matches... Note -HBK will undergo surgery and be out for a very long time (so no DX reunion in August, yay!). Whether the injury angle goes down tonight or tomorrow is unknown, but HBK will be limited in this match. I predict an HBK win with Orton "injuring" him after the match.
  7. Kennedy is injured anyway. He'll get a shot again as soon as he is healthy. Here's what I think will happen... Taker beats Batista on SD and then Edge cashes the MITB and beats Taker for the title because Taker is injured also. or Or Batista wins Thursday and Edge challenges him for the title at Judgement Day.
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