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Is there some NFL stipulation that states that every season at least one cowboys player is required to be inducted into the Hall of Fame? Moreover, it is seemingly impossible to find former HoF inductees who are NOT Cowboys players to talk about their moment during coverage of the HoF. Christ....I have to sit here, watch NFLN coverage and try to decipher Emmitt Smith as he tries to untangle his tongue and articulate the thoughts rattling around in his head. I get a headache every time he opens up his dumb ****ing mouth. 

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Video of possibly inbred, mentally retarded Cowboy fan, but I repeat myself

Did this dude really say Yze(n)man trophy?  Heisman?  Maybe I shouldn't try to figure out what makes one of the great performance artists of our generation say what he says, but I would ask, "how does this challenge us? Are his lack of teeth real or is he taking his art to the next level with brutal realism?  Don't we already know Cowboys fans are mentally impaired sub-90 IQ degenerates---if so, what new thing is this teaching us?"

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