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  1. skinsfan1523

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    I did enjoy Qyburn getting his head smashed on that rock like nothing, **** that guy
  2. skinsfan1523

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Looked like a shot from a movie
  3. skinsfan1523

    ESPN: Jason Witten pondering retirement to join MNF

    Yeah the MNF crew is terrible, and witten makes Phil Simms seem exciting
  4. skinsfan1523

    Gameday Thread

    Nonsense calls refs are absolute trash
  5. skinsfan1523

    Gameday Thread

    Refs are
  6. skinsfan1523

    Gameday Thread

    I'd love to see the redskins get Patriots rules
  7. skinsfan1523

    Gameday Thread

    That never happens if the refs call an absolutely obvious penalty, that has to be called no matter what time if the game it is.
  8. skinsfan1523

    Gameday Thread

    Hahaha bye bye classless Sean payton
  9. skinsfan1523

    Gameday Thread

    Awwwww poor little eagles looking so sad, bawhahahaha
  10. skinsfan1523

    Gameday Thread

    Atrocious call no where near catchable
  11. skinsfan1523

    Gameday Thread

    And **** the skins for making only cheer against NFC east rivals this time of year, and not for the Redskins
  12. skinsfan1523

    Gameday Thread

    **** football
  13. skinsfan1523

    What is the average age of our real fan base?

    Theres literally no reason for us to have young fans, even if their parents are fans, this team gives you nothing to cheer for.
  14. skinsfan1523

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    We dont get close enough to receivers to get a hold, they just run free
  15. skinsfan1523

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at An's Boobs

    Refs had it out for us today idgaf what anyone says