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I'd post a video I just found on Youtube, but I don't know if its appropriate to post a youtube video of a cowboys fan ranting and cursing about the win.



And then I found this one...



oh and then this one of a Dallas fan crying

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Really don't understand why so many people are shocked by the Bryant call across the internet. We see this same call every week across the NFL. An example, guy taps two feet on the sidelines and falls out of bounds, but when he hits the ground the ball moves. Incomplete. Same concept/rule and yet people are saying the rule.should.be changed?

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Ok 1st down on our 1.


Swing pass to Helu who then catches it on the LOS, but awkwardly stumbles 99 yards all the way down the field, eventually falling down - ball extended a la Bryant, the ball breaking the plane as it hits the ground, and slips out of his hands.


Incomplete pass, right?


If not, after how many awkward rumblin' bumblin' stumblin' steps was it a completion?


There needs to be some limitation on what "the process" is, and a better definition. I think the process should be the process of securing the ball. The process of catching the ball is complete. Contortion artists have no chance in this league.


I kind of miss the days of the simplicity of 2 feet down, and possession. Football move? Everything you see happen on the football field is a football move.


Let's start calling some of these plays fumbles instead of incompletions, too.


We all laugh at Dallas and karma from the week before, but that was the best catch this weekend and it didn't count.

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Big difference. Bryant was in the air, he lost possession while coming down from his jump where he caught the ball. Those he didnt complete the process of the catch. Stumbling has nothing to do with it. If Helu did what you described it would have been a fumble. If Bryant had come down and stumbled for a few steps it would have been a fumble. His problem was he caught it and proceeded to fall to the ground during the process of the catch. Since he went to the ground he had to hold on to it through the catch. Not any different then what I outlined above.

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Wouldn't that be just in time to play the Carolina Panthers?  You know...his former team...


FWIW, I think you've been ridiculously hard done to man. 


I was expecting 6 in the current climate. 8 games on the real harsh side. But 10 is ridiculous. 


Abd I don't know if you agree or not, but to me this is still a fantastic;y good deal the Cowboys have done. Top notch beast edge rusher that you could now cut without paying. Or keep and not have to pay until he plays. And man should he be motivated the back end of the season. 


Many here don't agree, but I absolutely hate Dallas had the balls to do this and do this right. 


And i also have Lawrence as my break out player of 2015 so you'll be good until Hardy's available. He'd be one of, if not the top edge rusher IMHO if he was coming out this year and not last. 




*Edit* But I'd remiss in this thread if I didn't say a big '**** DALLAS!'  :P

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This is probably the wrong forum to have a reasonable discussion, but yes...I agree with you regarding the severity of the punishment.  I swear that Commisioner Gordon pulls punishment terms out of his arse most of the time.  His rulings are wildly inconsistent (when he gives them; See Deflate Gate).


As for Hardy, my concern is that he hasn't, or won't have, a chance to play against live competition in almost 2 years.  He'll have had a few games here/there, but he's essentially going to be out for 23 games.  I wonder if he'll have lost some skill or if he'll be subject to injury.


As for Lawrence, I like much of what he brings to the table.  My fear is that he is just too weak to play against talented O-lineman.  But, I sure hope that you are right!  :)



**Back to your regulary scheduled hating of Dallas.

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My first ever post was in here and I made a mental note to come back for my 1000th, if/when I got there. I wasn't paying attention and went a few over, but that's ok.


**** the cowboys.


Yep, still feels good. HTTR.

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