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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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Ok, I know this topic has been beaten to a bloody pulp. But we have never been provided with facts. So here goes:

What uniform are the Skins wearing this weekend? Has there been an official statement on this? I searched (both internally and externally), and could only find fan opinions.

Please, no conjecture, or rantings, or stating how sweet they look. I would like to know so I can plan accordingly. If they wear the throwbacks, I will wear my Pat Fischer jersey. If not, I will be wearing a custom Gouveia.


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Go throwback! I would imagine opening day would be as good as any and the cloak and dagger stuff makes it seem more likely. The Redskins only have 2 prime time games and one is away so my guess would be this Sunday, the Thursday Nighter against the Bears and maybe the season closer against the Pukes.

I think a team can only wear alternates three times a year, I think.

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I'd be shocked if they were wearing anything other than the traditional white jerseys/burgandy pants.

We would have heard/read some official statement by now.

Plus, wouldnt they practice with them at some point...? We'd have heard about it by now.

Practice with a jersey? For what reason? haha...sorry...that didnt really make sense to me? :whoknows:

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