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The Merged x115 Adventures Of The Fashion Police Weekly aka THE Uniform Thread

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It sucks being fat even more :( haha where are the upsize's?? :doh:

In the gym, after 2 million rotations on the elliptical, a fitting jersey will appear!

J/K bro, had an issue finding one for my stepdad but they do carry XXXL at least, maybe you can get a lineman to give up a game jersey!

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I'm one who normally goes along with the rest, but can we try something new. Something in the area of all burgandy uni's. My:2cents:

Um, no! Take a look at what the Seattle Blue Men Group, I mean, Seahawks do for their home games and that will be enough to change your mind.

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Since it looks like the skinz are wearing the '71 "R helmet" this season as part of the 75th anniversary uniforms, does anyone think we'll get endless compairsons to University of Utah, like we did to Fla State with the 70th anniversary helmets? (eventhough the skinz had both designs first) :whoknows:


The Skins helmet reminds me of this store:


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Joe Gibbs suffers from a rare condition known as Blandboringuniformitis. The first indication of this disorder was when he took over the Skins in 1981 and stated that he didn't like the burgundy jersey/white pants look...thereby forcing fans to watch the Skins wear the white jersey/burgundy pants combo for 13-15 games out of 16 every season. Football fans everywhere were enraged at not being able to tell whether the Skins were playing at home or not on TV, and accused him of trying to copy the Cowboys. But he won a few Super Bowls so people shut up.

Gibbs likely contracted this disease while an assistant coach with the Chargers, who wore white at home from 1978-83, rarely ever showing off their beautiful blue jerseys. When Gibbs returned in 2004, he proved that he had not yet recovered from Blandboringuniformitis when he ditched the burgundy jerseys AGAIN, which had been worn at home from 2001-2003 for the most part.

But Gibbs condition worsened in 2005, when he suddenly declared that he didn't like the burgundy pants either, and the Skins went to the all-white look, which they had not had since the early 60s. It is likely that Clinton Portis' arrival in DC aggravated Gibbs' condition, as he was a lobbying force behind the all-white look. (Of course, Portis is likely suffering from something too, as he wanted to put 45 stripes on the Redskins' socks...)

Gibbs finally brought back the burgundy pants in 2006 when the so-called 'luck' of the all-white unis had run out. But he harbors an irrational hatred of the spear throwback uniforms, and didn't want the Radio Shack throwbacks either...unless the Skins could wear the white jerseys with them at home, which the 1970-71 Skins never did. cursing.gif

There is no known cure for this condition.

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If it works out, I'm hoping they'll adopt them full time. I think it's time for a change and this would be a good one.

I like the way the Helmets are now but if they used these as the throw...wore them like 3 times a year I'd be happy with that but i like these helmets better


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I reconsidered. The gold helmets don't look too bad. It will be a good change. I still like the spears helmet, but that was already used as a throwback. Check out the helmet the Eagles will be wearing Sept 23rd. I kinda like that helmet as a change in pace.

Thanks for posting the site. It was kinda neat checking out the past NFL helmets.

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