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  1. Man, I like that updated look. Nicely done. But, we really, really, really need to bring back the gold pants! Match it up with this helmet, winner-winner, chicken dinner!
  2. Just got my first e-mail from a gloating Cowboys fans. Man, I hate that team!
  3. First thing's first. Could someone please tell Mr. Blatche that it's okay to go inside the paint, and he doesn't need to settle for jumpers?
  4. Why is everyone so concerned about the Redskins' uniforms? This team has tons more problems than its wardrobe. Who cares?
  5. White-on-white looks too much like "practice" uniforms. If you really want a change THAT badly, go to the throwbacks, which I thought looked sweet.
  6. I hope the Eagles wear theirs Sunday so I can get a good laugh. Meantime, I wouldn't mind seeing us adopt the throwbacks permanently. I kinda like them!
  7. They didn't wear "dark red pants" with the arrow helmet. They wore a pants similar to what was worn on Sunday, which, for the record, I liked.
  8. Nasty is right! :doh: Just say, "no," to monochrome schemes. Think of the Seattle Seahawks! :doh: :doh:
  9. I'm sorry, but I thought those uniforms looked cool. It was different than what we've been wearing for almost 30 years and I just thought they were a real nice touch. I especially liked the helmet. Frankly, it wouldn't kill me to see us go with them full time.
  10. I'm willing to be that, if the throwbacks turn into a rousing success and the Redskins decide to wear them more than once, I can see th team adopting them full time for the years to come.
  11. They wore them from '74 to '81. I remember them vividly because I remember them when they played the Bullets in a playoff series.
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