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  1. FLRedskins

    Redskins vs Cardinals Prediction Thread: 2018 Kick-Off Spectacular

    Skins-24 Cards-13 Hoping for a non injury game Hopefully they don't come out sluggish and play sloppy.
  2. I will have either a great hangover tomorrow or a ****ty one here's hoping for the first
  3. Calling it now Caps-3 Bolts- 1 (garbage goal in the 3rd) Now back to drinking
  4. Add Kessel to that he looks bad
  5. Again NHL is a fixed league they know who the want to the dance
  6. Watching this game here in Chicago with alot of Blackhawk fans which all hate Pitt they all agree the caps are not only playingf the p-**** but are also playing the refs and nhl brass. Nhl seems like they want cindy at the dance again .
  7. FLRedskins

    The Conspiracy Thread

    I hope the Caps don't fall prey to this since the NHL would love to have a higher market team like the Rags in the finals
  8. FLRedskins

    The Beer Thread

    Drinking some 3 Floyds Zombie Dust for the game tonight then switch over to 3 floyds Gumballhead and if they win Southern Tier Warlock or Pumking Skins 34 Midgets 20
  9. FLRedskins

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Seems like every link is so choppy
  10. FLRedskins

    The Beer Thread

    No Zombie Dust is by Three Floyds it is a fantastic beer the beer rating is 100 on beeradvocate.com it is very hard to find outside Chicago/Indiana area Also Daisy Cutter is by Half Acre brewing in Chicago also very good session beer
  11. FLRedskins

    The Beer Thread

    A couple of Choices for tonights game plus probably gonna have more Zombie Dust or Daisy Cutter IMG_6700 by tciamarra, on Flickr
  12. FLRedskins

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    My favorite thread is back
  13. FLRedskins

    The Beer Thread

    Love Two Hearted Ale it is one of my Summer go to beers(along with Gumball Head,Zombie Dust,GI Summertime....etc) I just picked up a case on Sat
  14. I wonder if they will add 80th patch on front? I will buy to add to collection 94,70th,75th
  15. Since there are a fair amount of people who won't order I should get my jersey order quicker