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  1. Good. This game, perhaps the pinnacle of the modern era for the Redskins, should not be the stage for a publicity uniform. Tradition. Victory.
  2. You are obviously not familiar with the lore of this thread.
  3. Looks exactly the same to me. ---------- Post added April-3rd-2012 at 12:12 PM ---------- I don't know if "conservative" and "Washington, DC" should ever be used in the same sentence. Perhaps...traditional would be a better fit.
  4. They certainly appear to have gotten Orakpo's physique about right...
  5. I say no. The Washington franchise is a staple of tradition. Bringing back old uniforms is one thing. In fact, I've liked them all. But to create something entirely new at this point...I think that would be close to blasphemy. It's now RG3's time to refresh the franchise...not the laundry he wears.
  6. I don't usually **** the Cowboys more than once a day, but I'll make an exception today. ****. THE. COWBOYS.
  7. **** the Cowboys. This thread better be at 2,000 posts by the top of the hour!
  8. Just stoppin' by for my daily '****', my daily 'the', and my daily 'Cowboys'.
  9. Just stopping by for my daily '**** the Cowboys'.
  10. This bad boy best not slip of the first page. **** em.
  11. Just dropping by for an opening kickoff **** you to the Cowboys.
  12. The irony is that the idea of Colt as a pro NFL QB is the real laughing matter.
  13. This is a blurb my friend wrote. This friend and I happen to share the same viewpoint on Colt Brennan's status, as well as the weird following and support he's garnered. I realize Brennan is a hot topic of conversation- but as my friend isn't a member of this board, I felt his views weren't skewed by the cluster**** that is ExtremeSkins, and might even bring a laugh to the faces of those who DO support the Hawaii alum. Again, his words- though I won't deny I agree fullheartedly. ___ Every time I hear something about COLT BRENNAN being the starting quarterback for my Washington Redskins I
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