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  1. Here here! I would suggest burgundy on burgundy with black helmets with the face on the side. I think that would be pretty wicked.
  2. Damn...I'll still be in Iraq. I will wear my 75th anniversary camoflauge...How's that?
  3. Our uniforms on Sunday will be covered in the blood of the Miami Dolphins!!! Seriously, I don't know...
  4. I don't particularly care what they wear, but it would be kind of neat to see. I am a young guy and never really got to watch the team playing in their old-school R-with-a-feather helmets. If they do break out those helmets, then I could die a happy man, for then I would have seen everything!
  5. That is a terrible idea. No self-respecting team has gold (yellow) as its primary uniform color. We would look like a bunch of wussies out there. Besides, this isn't Lombardi's team, nor is it George Allen's. This is Joe Gibbs' team and he is best represented by the current helmet. :helmet:
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