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  1. oh my god!!!! Why can't anyone do a search instead of starting the same thread every 3 days
  2. i always have wanted to see teams wear the white on white or the Burgundy on burgundy
  3. that would be ok if the team we went to wear white at home but they don't and we end up always wearing white, we need to change things up and wear the burgandy at home and white away
  4. the burgundy jerseys are so much better than the white...the white are so boring
  5. The uni's are fine the way they are i just want to see the home jersey be the dark jersey and the away the white...i never liked that we always wore the white jersey
  6. this should be the alternate jersey...with the burgundy pants to match instead of the gold pants
  7. What is your major malfunction numb nuts?!?
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