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  1. that's really saying something there. I know I would sure be interested in seeing him try. They've pretty much set it up with the promos that Punk cut last year calling him "Dwyane" and the biggest ass kisser. That would be a hell of a feud.
  2. The E is well aware at how much the fans want to see Cena as a heel but they are too afraid that they are going to lose out on that money from him being the uber Hulk Hogan (80's Hulkamania) kind of face. It's like they forgot how much money Hogan brought in as Hollywood.
  3. No, i really dig his in ring skill and some of his promos but he really laid an egg on Monday when they gave him his time to gloat. I still say his best was the show in Canada when he started complaining about all of the dirty border jumpers trying to sneak in to the US from Canada.
  4. I have no problem with the wwe creative so far. They've been doing things that keep me wondering about the storylines and have me tuning into every show for new info. I was a little upset that they didn't have a whole lot of matches slated for Summer Slam but they appeared to be building that PPV around the championship matches and eventual cash in by Del Rio.
  5. The whole comment about how the company couldn't be run by "the doofus son-in-law" lead me to believe they were going this direction with this storyline. It's great what they are doing. It's got folks interested in WWE programming again.
  6. That 4 way match was ridonkoulous. All of those guys deserve contracts.
  7. I don't mean more of a push because I think Punk's one of those guys that excels without a title on him. I mean that he needs more airtime. The feud with Orton was enjoyable because you got to see how "manic" his new character has been.
  8. Even more proof as to why this man needs more of a push. I haven't really seen too much of him since the 'Mania match.
  9. Post "Victory Road 11" I wouldn't go that far. lol
  10. Wow....They did a bad rip off of the UT return video. I wonder what song they'll use as the date approaches. TNA has become cartoonishly bad now. It's like the final days of WCW all over again. You can tell Russo's running things. EDIT: I know it's an intentional troll on WWE but why?
  11. When JR was taken off the airways sometime last year, Cole became the lead announcer. It was boring as hell and you had a number of fans that didn't like him because he wasnt JR. So they decided to try a heel persona for him during the first NXT and it got rave reviews. Ever since then they slowly introduced the character and now he's a full blown heel. To be honest, it really has made the broadcast more interesting. This whole ordeal with a match between he and Lawler is trash in my opinion. It seems like the WWE just told us which match will serve as our bathroom break at this year's 'M
  12. LOL @ the Crock LOL @ the old Rock intro...i forgot how basic sounding it was. LOL @ the Mark Henry. I cannot imagine why that guy is still around. I guess maybe he's a decent trainer.
  13. What's funny with Del Rio is that they have essentially made him, a mix of JBL, Eddie Guerro, Million Dollar Man more than Razor Ramon. I dig his character and his subtle charisma but I still haven't seen him in the ring. From what i can see(I've just started giving Smackdown another chance over the past two months), Smackdown is now the developmental show. Yeah you got Taker, Kane, Mysterio and a few others there to fill out the top card, but overall it appears to be a testing ground.
  14. 1) People in the tags: get over yourself. Most of the people that do watch are well aware of that fact. 2) It was that damn awesome and that 15 minutes put 5 years to shame.
  15. I went over a friend's house to watch the debacle last night so I wasn't able to switch over and watch RAW. How was last night's show?
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