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  1. The Skins introduced the white pants in 1979, not 1980. They wore burgundy jerseys at home in 1979 and '80, before Gibbs' arrival. They didn't wear white pants at home in 2007, as they wore white jerseys/burg pants or the Radio Shack throwbacks for all their home games that year.
  2. Give me time, I'm sure I'll think of something! Honestly, I DID like that Snyder brought back the throwbacks in 2002 and the Radio Shack helmet in 2007. Some teams ignore their heritage completely, and other teams toss aside good uniforms for trendy modern uniforms with stripes all over the place...a route Snyder could have taken but has wisely chosen not to.
  3. Not true. They even said on the radio last year that the Steelers game was the first time EVER that the Skins had worn that combo. And I've seen every Skins game from 1979 onwards. Something like this would have been caught by NFL Films, because it happened in 1964 to the Vikings, when they played one full half against the Lions with BOTH teams wearing white jerseys...at halftime the Vikings changed to purple on the sidelines.
  4. 1979, to be exact. The only other team that hasn't tweaked their uni in some way since that time is the Raiders.
  5. Your uncle must not be much of a fan, if he couldn't recognize the classic Redskins uniforms from the Juregensen/Lombardi era.
  6. http://theredskinsblog.com/2008/07/28/back-to-the-equipment-room-brad-on-jersey-colors-etc/ I searched and didn't see this, so here goes: Finally managed to ask Brad Berlin the other questions about equipment that had come in since I first spoke to him. Any word on alternative uniforms this year? Nope. None. The ones last year were special for the 75th anniversary, but we don’t have anything lined up this year. Not even a third color jersey? Nope. Burgundy and white. Along those lines, Gibbs seemed to prefer the white jersey with the burgundy pants. Some players have claimed to prefer t
  7. I think Zorn said the colors were maroon and black...and then Snyder piped in saying yellow, which technically isn't correct either.
  8. How so? Because he couldn't even get the team colors right in his initial press conference? :laugh:
  9. The Skins didn't wear white at home when they had those uniforms in 1970-71...and I'm still mad at Gibbs for forgetting history in order to indulge his personal whims. Heck, the Skins wore burgundy jerseys at home with the 1994 throwbacks, why couldn't Gibbs put aside his irrational hatred of the burgundy jerseys for just one lousy game???
  10. That's why they should either bring back the George Allen-era unis with the yellow pants, or go to the spear throwback full time. The Skins wore burgundy jerseys at home from 1965-80, which included all the seasons of the George Allen uniform.
  11. Agreed. The Skins haven't changed their uniforms since 1979, when disco was still popular. The only team to go longer than that without any kind of change is the Raiders...who will NEVER change.
  12. Those would be my second choice, and it's surprisng the Skins only kept those unis for 7 seasons, from 1972-78. They went to the playoffs 4 times during that span, too. I hear some fans saying the Skins should keep their 1979 uniforms since they won 3 Super Bowls in them. Well, the Giants changed after winning 2 SBs, and the Skins changed after winning 2 NFL Championships in the 40s too!!
  13. Gibbs has retired, so it's time to retire the tradition of the white jersey/burgundy pants at home....except for 1-2 games a year as a throwback. Bring on the 2002 spear helmet throwback! That gold is awesome, and the burgundy is much darker and richer looking. Burgundy jerseys at home!! If you think that NFL teams shouldn't change tradition...well, the Browns wore white at home for 11 straight years, and then switched to brown back in the 70s. The Chargers wore white for six straight years when Fouts was there, too. It can be done...
  14. Where did you hear that? I've heard Gibbs himself say in interviews over the years that it was HIM who decided on the white jerseys at home in 1981, because for some reason he hates colored jerseys. If Beathard was the one, why didn't he do the same thing when he went to the Chargers?
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