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  1. Guess its the year of the homely man...first Eli and now this.
  2. Please...enough with the uniform thing...if we/they start worrying that a certain uni combo has an influence on how they play...then we/they are a bunch of "pansies" who don't deserve to win.
  3. I liked them but get rid of those wide stripes on the side of the pants.
  4. I grew up on the old burgundy top/gold pants so I guess I am biased. Didn't like it when they changed. I like the spear combo and would like to see them go back to that actually...but use the current shade of red.
  5. Like I said before...I think the 950.00 to change brakes and rotors was a little ridiculous, I don't care how much knowledge or sore backs it takes. You don't have to know a lot to change brakes and rotors. I ordered everything and did it for 230.00. 720.00 for "all that knowledge".. I don't think so...I do think that quote was ridiculous.
  6. This is true, I was just pointing out that if you have the means you can save drastic amounts of money by avoiding the ridiculous prices dealers and private shops charge for doing relatively simple repairs.
  7. Well seeing that an alternator costs at most 200.00 (ordered online) and a battery can be had for 50.00-70.00 I would say you could have saved a bunch if you and/or a friend made the repairs...it ain't that hard to do. I got a quote from a shop for replacing brakes and rotors on my Jeep Liberty. 950.00 parts and labor. I went online and ordered everything I need and did the whole job for 300.00...took maybe 2 hours.
  8. Any Monty Python fans? Life of Brian clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X3AmMmWC-Q
  9. Speaking of Monty Python... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teMlv3ripSM&feature=related
  10. Didn't see the movie...but is this reminiscent of Cloverfield?
  11. Guarantee they all want to have sex with her and then afterward stone her to death for seducing them. :laugh:
  12. Looks like Golom from Lord of the Rings.
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