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  1. RFK Lives

    Spurrier comment

    I wish I had been a reporter there for a follow up question: "Ball Coach, you mention even winning with the Redskins. In your opinion, do you think now that the other teams with competent coaches and pro experience will see the tape and see you are running the same old schtick that does not translate to the pros, it will likely be your one win of the season?"
  2. RFK Lives

    It Could Have Been Worse (or better)...A look back

    I had Yacketysax going through my head as I read through Riggo's post.
  3. RFK Lives

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    He would certainly help instantly from a PR standpoint. A cleaner more organized look with a respected name. Credibility goes a long way. Now, I always thought Dungy was a bit overrated as a coach and maybe a little too preachy for my taste and I have no measure of his evaluation of football talent. He was a player and a Super Bowl winning coach but he won that Super Bowl with what equates to a coach at QB in Peyton Manning. He could excel at the job but maybe someone with more insight can tell me his qualifications for GM.
  4. RFK Lives

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yep...spot on. I doubt Tony Dungy would even take Dan or Bruce's call.
  5. RFK Lives

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I remember watching as the Raiders and jaguars had to start tarping over seats to mask a disinterested fanbase and despite our *ahem* struggles, never, ever thought that would become the Redskins but here we are. The Jags at least are coming off an AFC Championship appearance and the Raiders are moving to a city that will fit their image and has a plan. We however, are a rudderless ship. No plan, no hope. The only thing I can say, at least the field looked in a good shape yesterday. I cannot remember it looking in such good shape this late in the season for a long time. That's how bad this has become, I am texting with my buds about field condition.
  6. RFK Lives

    Redskins about to sign Captain Buttfumble

    And we had a playoff run with Todd Collins. It can happen. Oh, context, you were referring to 3rd string...my bad. Good examples, again, we can win this division.
  7. RFK Lives

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Play call was Jay but don't think he expected Colt to throw in double coverage. So, going to blame both of them on that one. 10 yards underneath was all we needed. I need to watch the replay and see how many seconds tick off waiting for that moonball to come down.
  8. I have a Cooley jersey in that throwback. I liked the combo for a bit but not to get all superstitious but I think our record is crap in them. Maybe we won 1 game, not sure. Problem is, you can find issues or extended periods of suck with most of our throwbacks. The best throwback we got will forever be stained with Wuerffel, Matthews and OBC.
  9. RFK Lives

    The Offensive Line Thread

    Agree Sandy Monk. I have a soft spot for Moses being a UVa fan but he has not looked good at all this year. Don't know if it is health, if he peaked or short comings were masked by strength of line when healthy. I do appreciate his warrior mentality though.
  10. RFK Lives

    2018 Season Injury News

    Buh deep, buh deep, buh deep...that's all folks! Damnnation! You gave Jay the pass last year on injuries, how do you play this one out?
  11. I do wish we were showing some activity. I mean 4-2, up in the NFC East, this is a big chance to make a run. WR could be splash factor, but needed if Crowder and Richardson cannot heal up G would make sense, practical given recent health and lack of depth CB Peterson would likely make us all feel good. Is there enough room for egos? Swearinger, Norman and Peterson? I think as long as winning continues, not an issue but the first few missed assignments and maybe we have too many supposed leaders trying to lead.
  12. No way the Giants deal OBJ, as much as I wish to see him gone from the NFCE. Eli goes off in the sunset, they need somebody to put butts in the seats and head case or not, it's Beckham. I hope they deal a few other pieces before Sunday.
  13. RFK Lives

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Who Wants To Be On Top ?

    The battle of teams with no wide receivers, although I think Cole Beasley will put up some numbers on us. They have a big edge at RB and OL. We have an edge at TE and 3rd down back assuming Thompson plays but even Bibbs gives us something more catching out of the backfield. What defense shows up...the one that played to yackety-sax music against the Saints or the bend don't break turnover generating defense we saw against the Panthers. I am a homer so will hope and choose the latter... Redskins - 27 Cowboys - 17
  14. Can we file a grievance with the NFL as part of the #metoo movement? Political Disclaimer - This comment was in no way meant to belittle the seriousness of sexual assault or harassment of women. It is simply a light hearted attempt at humor about the suckitude of our franchise.