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  1. Love the line about Kenyan Drake doing his part for Tua before inevitably being traded for a 5th round pick. This is good stuff.
  2. I never said our colors were not burgundy and gold. I opine the pants they were wearing as recent as last year are yellow to my eyes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow The words yellow and gold come from the same origin.
  3. Hate our all white uniforms, looks like practice. Yellow, yes, yellow not gold, pants I can take or leave. Feel like we need a revamp of some sort. Right now, my favorite NFL uniforms, other than our's because it is still my team even with the emperor that has no clothes... 1. Buffalo Bills - when they ditched the red and went back to their classic look, it pops. Looks great. 2. New Orleans Saints - IN White, the white and gold with black outline with gold helmet, great look. 3. Minnesota Vikings - Can't say I will love the all grape look but their normal look is great mainly because I love the matte finish helmet.
  4. RFK Lives

    Redskins.com: Redskins Name Bill Callahan Head Coach

    Rex Ryan prefers a shoe.
  5. Good Post. The fact that he disrespected Beathard makes me want to backhand him Ric Flair style.
  6. RFK Lives

    Chris Thompson where do I begin?

    Sincerely, thank you for your service. No thanks on this thread though.
  7. RFK Lives

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I don't know if that many owners like him as his actions tend to give owners a bad name. He appears paranoid and reclusive. However, he does have Jerruh in his corner and he carries a lot of weight. Why would Jerruh want to get rid of Dan? As long as he owns the Redskins, Jerruh and the boys only have to compete against 2 other teams in the division. We are what the Cardinals used to be in the NFC East. Thanks Dan.
  8. RFK Lives

    Twitter: Raw Video of Intoxicated Jay Gruden Leaks

    Just pulling up images of Sherry Gruden online, they are out there if somebody better with facial recognition wants to take a stab. Yeah, I can't seem to find the tweets now. It's funny as I am just finding out more about his family and stuff doing this search. He has been here six years, I thought I would have known more. When I was a kid I knew about Joe Gibbs' wife and kids, just struck me as funny that I did not know he had a kid who was a walk on guard for Dayton basketball.
  9. RFK Lives

    Twitter: Raw Video of Intoxicated Jay Gruden Leaks

    Breast Cancer Awareness month. Lost my wife to it, 39 years young. Hope nobody else has to go through it.
  10. RFK Lives

    2019 Patriots Look-a-Like Thread

    Me neither. Instead of deflate gate, it's inflate gate.
  11. RFK Lives

    New BANG! Redskins Cartoon: "Driven Insane"

    Somebody already sent it to Czabe.
  12. RFK Lives

    Gruden announces Colt McCoy starting vs NE

    Man, we can't even celebrate right. It's been so long I forgot.
  13. RFK Lives

    Gruden announces Colt McCoy starting vs NE

    Oh damn, I thought we were starting Colt 45 this Sunday. A couple of those empties laying by my side might be the only way I can watch this game.
  14. RFK Lives

    New BANG! Redskins Cartoon: "Driven Insane"

    Try the soft zone and rush 4...lmao! I have to know where you get your voice talent, it's always good.
  15. RFK Lives

    Redskins vs Patriots Prediction Thread: Super Flying Wedgie Edition

    Funky Phantom Patriots - 48 Redskins - 13