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  1. Teen Wolf! That coach was awesome. "Everything else is cream cheese!"
  2. Yeah, the sad thing is I actually saw Brennan play at the HOF game in Canton. Just getting old and getting my Colts mixed up. Maybe too much Colt 45 when I was younger. Sad, way too young.
  3. Man, will always remember the MNF win over Dallas. He did give us some memories. Oh wait, I am thinking Colt McCoy.
  4. I have made my peace with it. While I still root for the team, now that I am 50, it is different and felt different last year. It probably didn't help that this all occurred during a pandemic where I would think we all gained a little perspective. I also realize that when considering the name change, I am not the droids they are looking for or marketing to. Yes, they will consider the loyal fanbase but much like we have seen in minor league baseball, they are going after the younger folks and rightfully so. Whatever the name will be, I am fine with Red Wolves but als
  5. Gar-Field you say? And Lasagnas didn't make the list?
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