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  1. Poor guy, went from playing in that stadium to FedEx Field. ODU did it right.
  2. It's great having Smith under center this evening, more importantly having Gibson and McLaurin back in the fold that should definitely help Logan Thomas out. I think he will be key in moving the chains. (stating the obvious) Hurts (donut) scares the piss out of me. We never seem to be able to contain the athletic QB's but then again, we have not had this much talent on the DL in a long time. I hope, really hope, we are firing on all cylinders, put it away early so maybe the 4th quarter we can pull folks.
  3. Well, not always the QB's fault here. We have seen several to go to other places and flourish as either our system at the time was not a good fit or our coaching staff was not a good fit our our front office cannot recognize talent or anything else we can think of.
  4. With Smith under center... WFT - 23 Crows - 14 With Hienecke or whomever under center... Crows - 24 WFT - 13 Oh, and somebody better rub some stick um on Sims; jersey
  5. Oh yes, if you speak of the Jim Lachey trade, I was around eating burgers back then. However, we actually traded a somewhat strong armed QB, million dollar arm, 10 cent brain, for him. And Al Davis, who loves the long ball, was alive and pulling the strings. Not to mention we had a proven front office at that time. I long for those days, so I hope you are correct that we have somehow managed a gem but I just feel it might be another Ethan Horton.
  6. I dunno but just on the limited details, the Raiders hand me downs and a 6th and a 7th...meh. Maybe smarter football minds than me see something.
  7. Well, it will be a refreshing change from last year instead of having the other team's crowd noise.
  8. Okay, so we announced the Washington Football Club thing and ESPN can't update the link to our team with the W or something. We made the announcement, get your **** together and update it. You were so damn quick to remove Redskins and give us this blank shield but, sorry, too much coffee this morning. I just hate the 4 letter and how they think they are the moral judges of all sports.
  9. Okay, ready to have rotten fruit thrown at me, now is the time to switch to the matte finish helmets. Especially if this is actual color...and I hope it is.
  10. I grew up with Frank. I never met Larry but from the people that have, seems like a nice guy just doing his job to the best of his ability. For those that think he was bad at play by play, I did too at the beginning, but in my travels got to listen to some others team's crews. Larry was far better than a lot of folks I had to listen to. I wish him well, he was a homer for sure, but that was in his job description.
  11. Eh, I don't hate it. A bit more Boston College to me than ND but yeah. The wolf looks a little too Phoenix Coyote for me but could be edited a bit. Art Monk looks a little pale.
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