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  1. Better than Oktoberfest? LIAR!! :pfft: I better run out and buy a six pack. I do love me some Oktoberfest.
  2. I have never wanted a Red Bull so bad in my life!
  3. Stepped to him? Um, I am not sure where anyone "STEPPED" to him. Granted they might have derserved it, but nobody was stepping to Chuck Norris in the jump suit.
  4. Frumpy (if that is a word) was the first word that came to mind. I don't find her that hot to begin with.
  5. And some of the worst conditioning I have ever seen. In the last fight both fighters were gassed they entered the cage.
  6. http://www.Break.com/index/chicks-kick-leads-to-unexpected-ending.html
  7. He was trying out as a DE not an interior lineman. I think I heard he walks around at about 280-285 so it would be easy to imagine if he trained to be a DE he could add on 5-10 pounds easy. 290-295 DE is pretty freaking huge if you are talking about a 4-3 DE. Most are playing under 270. I think I also heard Jason Taylor was at around 240-245 last year.
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