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  1. Better than Oktoberfest? LIAR!! :pfft: I better run out and buy a six pack. I do love me some Oktoberfest.
  2. I have never wanted a Red Bull so bad in my life!
  3. Stepped to him? Um, I am not sure where anyone "STEPPED" to him. Granted they might have derserved it, but nobody was stepping to Chuck Norris in the jump suit.
  4. Frumpy (if that is a word) was the first word that came to mind. I don't find her that hot to begin with.
  5. And some of the worst conditioning I have ever seen. In the last fight both fighters were gassed they entered the cage.
  6. http://www.Break.com/index/chicks-kick-leads-to-unexpected-ending.html
  7. He was trying out as a DE not an interior lineman. I think I heard he walks around at about 280-285 so it would be easy to imagine if he trained to be a DE he could add on 5-10 pounds easy. 290-295 DE is pretty freaking huge if you are talking about a 4-3 DE. Most are playing under 270. I think I also heard Jason Taylor was at around 240-245 last year.
  8. It would not have happened to me because I leave others **** alone...but if they put it in my food...**** would have got ugly fast!!:mad:
  9. Not trying to start an argument, but why? I agree it was nasty at best but he ate someone elses food. I bet he wont do that again. Serves him right.
  10. He acts that way because he is scared. He is all talk. Watching him call out the guy who threw his stuff in the pool and then waching him back down after the guy walked right up to him was great! Can't wait until he gets his ass handed to him!
  11. I hope Randy wins, but I just think that Lesnar will be too much for Couture. I hope I am wrong.
  12. Also, if anyone has seen any interviews this week after practice what color jersey were the guys on O wearing? They wear whatever color that they will be sporting in the game.
  13. Source? I doubt it. I think they have to specify what the jersey color will be for all home games (in our case white) and they can change the pants as they wish for each game.
  14. Backing up his talk makes his immature ignorance "cool"? Well I did not know that.
  15. Forrest was not backing up just as much. I watched the fight a couple of times. In the close rounds (3 and 5 specifically) he was the one coming forward. Yes he would back up at times to get away from Rampage's nasty power, but for the most part he was being the more aggressive fighter and moving at Rampage. In round 5 it was not until their was like 1 min left that Rampage realized that he better do something quick and started to go after Forrest. Too little to late. I think by that time Forrest had already won the round. I think he kept thinking he needed to stay back away from the leg ki
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