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  1. Anyone know of an area in Northern VA that sells Moosehead Lager? I cant find it anywhere. There was a place in DC that went out of business...other than that I cant find it.
  2. I wanted Noel BAD...but my gut feeling all along was he was going to go to Kentucky. Next years team really worries me, then again i was really worried about this years team and they surprised everyone. Hopefully Rivera is the real deal and this years freshmen blossom. Looks like we are getting a new mascot too! Jack the bulldog is on the shelf with an ACL tear or something. So it goes for the Hoyas.
  3. Only in NHL and NCAA bball there are "good" losses and "bad" losses. I thought last night the Hoyas played tough. No shame in losing to the that team in that building in OT by 3 pts. Honestly I didnt mind the officiating that much, i thought giving KJ wide open looks was just absurd. He was their only shooter and he killed us down the stretch. U live and u learn i guess but they were essentially one possesion from winning a game nobody gave them a shot. What bugs me the most is that last possesion in regulation where they dumped it in down low and i think the ball was knocked out of bound
  4. Very true. But still, you cant go back after the game is over and change it. I understand changing a hit to an error...now if they somehow did that, i would maybe be okay with it but you cant go back and correct this. Where does it end? The '85 Cardinals may start a riot if last nights game was overturned...Denkinger's call could be overturned...and then we are talking about maybe a different WS champion. There are plenty of games that have had incorrect games end in bad calls, each one will be dug out and then reviewed i guess. What happened sucks, i get that ....and Joyce was wrong but
  5. They better not overturn this.....you cant undo what has been done. I agree it was the wrong call and they should have instant replay but you cant change what has been done. What about the Berkman check swing vs. the Nationals on Tuesday night that should have been the 3rd strike and 3rd out in the 9th inning to end the game? Whats done is done. This debacle should force BUD into getting replay in the game.
  6. I like the idea, something different. If we win, people will be calling for it vs. Dallas. If we lose I will log on here tomorrow morning and their will be 10 threads calling for Zorns head because he let the players wear it.
  7. I'd be shocked if they were wearing anything other than the traditional white jerseys/burgandy pants. We would have heard/read some official statement by now. Plus, wouldnt they practice with them at some point...? We'd have heard about it by now.
  8. Were BURGUNDY AND GOLD....not red and yellow. We arent the cheeefs!!!!! WOW
  9. I was in the Fair Oaks Redskins store Tuesday and the guy said they are trying to keep it on the DL that they are breaking them out. Supposedly they will wear them atleast for the Miami game....he wasnt sure what others. Claimed they are going to have authentics for sale and a ton of other gear related to the anniv. The official announcement wont be made til training camp begins....he says.
  10. Yeah we hate them and they hate us and I love it that way.... I really wanna go down there this year if i can get my finances lined up to make it happen...I will let you know and maybe we could tailgate together or something.
  11. No its my next goal... I went to Atlanta last year & Carolina and Tennessee the year before.... I was Shocked at how many Redskins fans are there....I heard its about 30% Redskins fans in Dallas maybe more because Gibbs is back and i bet a lot of people had bought their tickets way back when the season first started.
  12. Cool Thanks. I need to find a compadre to head out there. Is this going to be your first trip out to Texas Stadium for a Cowboys/Skins game?
  13. cfujskins - damm your going to Dallas!!!! Your lucky, if i could find someone to go with i'd be on my way....how did you get your tix anyway?
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