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That's a song. Just can't remember which one lol.

^ Yes,Mad World, the original song was done by Tears For Fears back in the 80's. Theres a much more recent version of it by Gary Jules though. Jules' version is very well done, but depressing as hell.

*EDIT* Here you go twa .



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That right there is 'Safety Dance'. Don't remember the artist, however.

Damn, I suck lol, it kinded sounded like Hells Bells.

I like Sevendust too Mick. I'm a fan of Rage Against The Machine, or pretty much anything else that makes want to chew glass and/or run through a brick wall.

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So I went to Sears and Home Depot on Saturday, and both of them already have Christmas stuff out! And not just a few things either, they have EVERYTHING on display, including a bunch of decorated trees and those inflatable snow globe things. Can they at least wait until November? I love Christmas, but it's not a 3 month holiday!

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