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Ya know, every day I hate my job more and more... Here's the actual dialogue between my boss and I today:

Boss: Why aren't you wearing a ****ing belt?

Me: I was, but Miranda needed it more than me, her pants were too big (She lost a few pounds since the last time she wore jeans as opposed to shorts)

Boss: Don't you ever come into work again not wearing a belt

Me: I DID come in wearing a belt, I just gave it to her

Boss: Well get it back, you look like **** without a belt.

Me: Super, boss... Will do...

Now the person who was wearing MY belt didn't get any crap from him for not wearing one to begin with...

Gotta love double standards...


I remember getting in trouble with my boss at Clyde's because it was obvious I hadn't gone to the dry cleaner to starch my shirt or apron. So stupid. I ironed them. No one cares.

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Man. Sometimes I wish I could just turn off how I feel about certain people. Or I wish certain people could be "available" without tons of baggage. There's a girl that I really like. She's beautiful, sweet and funny. We have TONS of common interests, get along great, and have been spending a fair amout of time togther...albeit with other people around.

Thing is, she's still technically married to my brother.

Yeah. I think I'd better not. :ols:

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