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Is there a way to use POF without the girls knowing you're online so they won't IM you, if you don't want to be IM'd while browsing POF ?

I don't think so. That is annoying, I had this one chick who was obsessed with me. I had to tell her to leave me alone. That's a great site, had some good luck there. :smooch:

But now I have a girlfriend, and she told me to deactivate my profile. So I did. I'm whipped haha. I can always create another profile if it doesn't work out.

I just came back from throwing the frisbee at Hermosa Beach. Then had some chips and guacamole with two Pacificos at the pier. Life is good. :)

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Hahaha! I love the Family Guy pilot:

Quagmire: Hey who wants to play drink the beer?

Peter: Right here

Quagmire: You win!

Peter: Alright, what do I win?

Quagmire: Another beer!

Peter: Oh I'm going for the high score

Quagmire: Well actually Charlie has the high score.

Charlie: Hey man, your clock won't flush.

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Appreciate it...I legit just needed a night to relax :)

What is this POF people are speakin about? I legit have no idea...

Glad you got it! We all need that sometimes. I know I could use it right about now.

And POF is "plenty of fish." It's a dating site....I mean....so I've heard.... :ols:

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My mom is going to be featured on WUSA's "Buddy Check 9" segment on Nov. 9th.

Andrea Roane spent two hours up here (Cumberland, MD) interviewing her and just chatting with her about her cancer and subsequent treatment....for a two-minute segment. Mom said that Ms. Roane is even more kind and genuine than she seems on TV. She came away very, very impressed.

Mom's doing great, BTW. To all of you who offered prayers and well-wishes, thank you VERY much!!!


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