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WORST movie ever


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Somebody below had a rip-job review of Commando, and I decided we needed a worst movie list.

What I'm hoping for, instead of a bunch of posts that simply list about 12 movies each (from a bunch of folks who appear to not have read the previous posts), would be one movie and something about what was bad about it.

My nominee: Cobra.

When this movie came out, I had a friend who was such a Stalone fan, and really wanted everybody to see the movie the first day, that he paid for nine of us to go see the thing.

I felt so bad for him, afterwards, (this guy literally paid 50 bucks to see that stinker), that I paid him for my ticket, under the condition that he could never tell any one that I had paid to see that movie, and that I could still rag him about paying for it.

Dishonorable mention: Outland.

I didn't think it reeked that bad, untill I was walking out of the theatre, and a fellow customer began whistling the music from High Noon.

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I think it was called Virus. William Baldwin, Jamie Lee Curtis, ect. Plot and story were just, well bad. I remember seeing it in the theaters, :doh: and walking out going that was a bad mistake. And not just seeing it either. Acting wasn't at its best either. Almost like those in it were trapped and wanted it to end quickly as possible.

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Hmmm there are so many to chose from, Gigli, From Justin to Kelly.

I will say that the worst is Space Mutiny. It's apart of MST3K vol 4. The commentary makes it funny but I shudder to imagine what that movie would be like without the jokes.

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Now, I'll also have to admit:

The way I saw Little Shop of Horrors was, I had a friend who'd gone off to college. I was really bored, so I called his old number and found out that he'd just come back for the summer that day. He suggested the movie. I'd seen some magazine articles about it, but all I saw was some pictures of what looked like a watermellon with lips, that I'd skipped past to get to the articles I was interested in.

We were a few minutes late arriving, and walked in during the first musical number, "Downtown".

My only comment to him during the movie was to ask him if this used to be a play, because the sets looked more like stage sets than film sets, and the actors were over-acting, like they were projecting to an audience.

I told him when we left that I thought it was a very good movie (I still do), but admitted to him that if he'd told me in advance that it was a musical set in the 50s about a talking, man-eating plant from outer space, that he wouldn't have been able to drag me into it.

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Death Race 2000. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0072856/

David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone in a futuristic cross-country race where they get points for killling pedestrians. I just happened to be awake late the other night and this was on some channel. It was like a train wreck, I didn't want to watch, but I had to. :doh:


Dude, Death Race 2000 is a cult-classic! Its so bad its good!

Another movie like that is Malibu's Most Wanted...it is so bad, but every time it comes on I can't stop watching it!!! :laugh:

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Ecks vs. Sever.

What a dissapointment. :( That movie was atrocious. :puke:

OH GOD--that was like watching a bad video game cinematic play out.

It was terrible and so were the GD stupid names. My gf at the time, well she wasnt enthusiastic about it, but she wanted to see it. I had a bad BAD feelin' bout it and it was confirmed.

What's worse is that all of it not only took place in Canada but involved that feared Canadian intelligence service! :laugh:

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