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  1. OK From the Suffocating in the closet no longer thread
  2. Another picture at Walden pond with the one day future Mrs. Chomerics
  3. Haven't posted one in a while, this was taken a few days ago during the latest Koozie exploits to flight school
  4. "I realized at that point, I had just been hit with my first man-crush"- Touchdown Portis ME & Marcus thread now that's a good one :laugh:
  5. why don't they make two-tone underware? Brown in back and yellow in front. . .
  6. WTF is Ax doing up at 4:40 in the morning?
  7. Sooo many things to say. . . but I am going to quietly turn around and walk backwards out of this thread :laugh:
  8. :laugh: Come on, she may be trailer trash and a mother, but she is still hot :laugh: Granted the pictures leave a lot to be desired
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