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  1. I think it would be hilarious if GSP caught Kos in a guillotine and submitted him, since apparently Kos can't coach anyone on guillotine defense. Seems like all his guys on the show lost by guillotine or choke.
  2. Nam Phan got jobbed. Loved how Joe went off on the Gaming Commission. Can't believe Johnson couldn't finish that fight in the 1st. Brookins looked done. Kudos to him for hanging in there and getting the fight to the ground.
  3. That perfectly sums up the whole event.
  4. Horrible PPV. I think Mir and Cro Cop were chatting about their favorite Duran Duran songs against the cage.
  5. Lesnar comes charging out like a rhino, Carwin weathers an early storm and Lesnar gasses. Carwin in the 2nd, TKO.
  6. I want my money back. Worst. Event. Ever.
  7. Wow, a great card so far. That Hamill knockout was wicked. Lavigne effed up big time. When he pushed Brown away the first time, the fight should've been over. Sell was standing up, but he wasn't really there. Impressive knockout by Grove!
  8. That's true. I forgot about that fight. He got his ass kicked.
  9. How do I keep talking myself into buying these mediocre PPVs? What a yawn-fest. The Coleman-Rua fight was pathetic. Coleman was done in the first round and Rua couldn't finish it. Coleman looked old....real old. I hope he decides to hang it up for his own good. He would have gotten demolished by anyone who was well prepared...(I'm looking at you Rua). The Franklin-Henderson fight was lukewarm. I know they're nice guys, but less hugging and touching gloves and more pummeling. It was a good matchup though, and honestly, I thought it was the best fight of the night. I did learn something...if y
  10. Damn...sorry dude. Seriously, I didn't know. I'll edit my post and you can just go drink a ****load.
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA...... Junie got dominated. What a ****ing fraud.
  12. Yeah I know, I was just commenting on his last fight when he went off and said "I got BJJ too!"
  13. Krystof got caught. I thought he said he had BJJ?
  14. Well, what do you know....someone knows how to actually do something once they take them down. Philippe looks pretty solid.
  15. Most. Boring. Fight. Ever. The ref needs to stand them up more often.
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