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Will Gibbs win another Super Bowl?

Heavy Jumbo

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Originally posted by Heavy Jumbo

I knew the outcome would be obvious, but it gave me something to do for a few minutes. :)

Is it September yet?

I wish. Sundays jus aren't the same w/out watchin the Skins. I gotta thank you guys though, talking and discussing Skins football with you all makes the offseason a little more barable.

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His average is going to one every 3 years, although since two were back to back it is really one every four years. He is 3-1 in the big game, so if he stays 5 seasons like he says, history is in his favor.

I said yes of course.

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Originally posted by dg28daman

I don't know if HE will win a Superbowl, but I know the core he brought it will, whether its after his 5 years are up or not.

I voted "No" and was going to post something just like this.

I think Joe will return this franchise to the top of the NFL. I think he'll get us moving in the right direction. Thanks to his return, we'll get to and win more Super Bowls, I just don't know if it will start before he re-retires. I truly believe in what he's doing though!

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