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  1. Monkart

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Picked up a 3rd and got a guy we wanted and he's got a chip on his shoulder now! I LIKE it!
  2. Monkart

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    :gaintsuck Alright!!!! Football FINALLY back, Let's do it right SKINS!!!! :chug:
  3. Monkart

    Show Yourselves II

    Having grown up through that era, I assure you that my impression wasn't that you were a hippy!!!!
  4. Monkart

    Show Yourselves II

    Too bad you guys didn't come over to Al Lopez Park for the tailgate with other ES members.
  5. Monkart

    Show Yourselves II

    Very small !!! Yes!:cool:
  6. Monkart

    Show Yourselves II

    I'm SURE you would take her over Demi, I hope you didn't think I was disrespecting her with my comparison, to me their was a resemblance and I always thought Demi was a Great looking woman. Sorry for the Married assumption, :doh: As far as the swimwears, no I haven't heard of them. If you have seen my pic posted 5/21 you would of seen that I would be more likely to be wearing Sail mass swimwear or tent cover swimwear, :laugh: :laugh:. I'll ask my daughter if she's heard of them as she goes to the beach a lot. Also she shops and searches the web for swimwear ( well what she tries convincing me is swimwear anyway :doh: )all the time. Why do you ask TK? Are you affiliated? I know my daughter will ask in response to my asking her.
  7. Monkart

    Show Yourselves II

    Wow TK !! is that Demi Moore your married to? :laugh: you guys look like your having fun. :cool:
  8. Monkart

    Show Yourselves II

    My buddy caught steven Davis at Dave and Busters in Jacksonville, I'm on the right