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  1. We have not seen the Redskins beat be so tight lipped since Champ Bailey left It will be very interesting with all these leaks starting to come out if anyone finally confirms old “rumors” while we are at it
  2. I scratch my head every time you post about Foster at MLB and now SAM for two reasons. In the NFL he is a prototypical WLB IMO he is a explosive athlete that is at his best running full speed taking angles and knocking peoples heads off. I also think coming off injury you don’t want him navigating all the trash in the middle or cut blocks coming on the strong side. I think your perspective comes from what kind of scheme you envision though. It sounds like you envision a downhill Jerimiah Trotter shoot the gap MLB and I’m thinking sideline to sideline, playing in a phone booth while playing
  3. Alex Smith’s wife walking up and down the field before the game was definitely worthy of a star! Alex is definitely winning off the field!
  4. 2019 = week 3 and tickets on stubhub for $16 it will be so embarrassing to see a half empty stadium in prime time
  5. Haskins had the best throw of the day dropping it in Holtz bread basket and it was dropped. He also was holding on to the ball for 4+ seconds quite a bit, It would serve him well to have a lot more time to get a better feel. It’s the second week of camp and he will get there.
  6. I miss the old days when La Confora worked for the post and Art and Co would come in here and debunk everything that guy reported. Please let this be wrong!!!!!!!!
  7. On an app where you pay celebrities to say things. Any Redskin fan can pay for a birthday shoutout and get him to say Hail to the Redskins.
  8. They played well but watching the playoffs I’m seein a number of defensive lineman on these teams that make just as many plays if not more as our young super stars. I love watching OUR guys but I hope they all step their games up the next few years.
  9. Just for fun...... go to stubhub and see the ticket prices in Arlington Texas for tomorrow’s game they are getting $760 behind the Cowboys Bench. Craziness!!!!
  10. Does anybody have a link for today’s game? I’m in Greenville NC and hurricane coverage has taken over CBS.
  11. Everybody is going to be so mad when we stick with Rob Kelley. He is Grudens new Ryan Grant. We might as well start calling him Rob Gruden. Off topic..... Skins can’t be dumb enough to make up a mysterious injury for Cam Sims with the intention to sneak him onto the practice squad right?????
  12. Cravens reminds me of Malik Henry from last chance U. Strange individual with serious maturity issues.
  13. I’m not sure about direct tv now. Do you get local stations using that app? Normal Sunday ticket blacks out the Sunday ticket Chanel if the game is being shown on your local station.
  14. I also suggest Last Chance U. Watching Malik Henry was enough entertainment for the entire series. He is a kid that makes you sick and then you get to the point where you just shake your head and laugh every time he opens his mouth.
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