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  1. :gaintsuck Alright!!!! Football FINALLY back, Let's do it right SKINS!!!! :chug:
  2. Having grown up through that era, I assure you that my impression wasn't that you were a hippy!!!!
  3. Too bad you guys didn't come over to Al Lopez Park for the tailgate with other ES members.
  4. Very small !!! Yes!:cool:
  5. I'm SURE you would take her over Demi, I hope you didn't think I was disrespecting her with my comparison, to me their was a resemblance and I always thought Demi was a Great looking woman. Sorry for the Married assumption, :doh: As far as the swimwears, no I haven't heard of them. If you have seen my pic posted 5/21 you would of seen that I would be more likely to be wearing Sail mass swimwear or tent cover swimwear, :laugh: :laugh:. I'll ask my daughter if she's heard of them as she goes to the beach a lot. Also she shops and searches the web for swimwear ( well what she tries convincing me is swimwear anyway :doh: )all the time. Why do you ask TK? Are you affiliated? I know my daughter will ask in response to my asking her.
  6. Wow TK !! is that Demi Moore your married to? :laugh: you guys look like your having fun. :cool:
  7. My buddy caught steven Davis at Dave and Busters in Jacksonville, I'm on the right