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  1. ChocolateCitySkin

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Gone soft? No I don't think so. I think a lot of skins fans are tired of our greedy owner. He's milked the fanbase for all its worth. It just so happens that the seats need to be filled some how for him to pay his mortgage... Even if it is all steelers fans.
  2. ChocolateCitySkin

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    just to let ya'll know the after party is at my bar after the fight on saturday.
  3. ChocolateCitySkin

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    this is the best one i've ever seen.
  4. ChocolateCitySkin

    The Figure Four - ALL Things ECW-WWF-NJPW-TNA-ROH-AEW

    I will never understand professional wrestling.
  5. ChocolateCitySkin

    Show Yourselves II

    I was actually look for gold there.
  6. ChocolateCitySkin

    Show Yourselves II

    I found this priceless gem-- I seem to be looking for something...
  7. ChocolateCitySkin

    Show Yourselves II

    I'm obivously studying arch because chicks dig architects.
  8. ChocolateCitySkin

    Show Yourselves II

    Well, now that I'm back in school. :geek: Time for me to post a pick of me nerding it up. And yes ladies I am single.
  9. ChocolateCitySkin

    Show Yourselves II

    Heres me on the far left... And moms... gotta have the photo of moms