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  1. Its sad that not only you took the time to post this, but your thought process came up with it.
  2. Saw the same wiki article on Yahoo. So who is in Connecticut that knew and reported that before the bodies was found?
  3. Something is just not right.... Why not just go to the Pay per view? What made him stay home? What allowed things to get to the point it is now? I know we dont know his personal life but in the ring and out of the ring Chris was not that type of person. Too just snap like that? Guess we will never now.
  4. If thats the case Im sure he went to Vince and he went straight to company mode. (tribute etc....) then removed all things Chris from the websites and such. But like another poster said if it is Roid related its going to be hard to keep WWE together. If it was someone that alot of people didnt like then you could spin it all you want. But someone that EVERYONE respected then how will you spin this to make WWE come out smelling like roses?
  5. If the reports are saying that its not a gun they what happend? The bodies all being in different locations is weird.
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